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1 year ago

Indian Bridal Fort Lauderdale fl

Indian Bridal Miami, fl

Dream Wedding World will provide IMPECCABLE PLANNING. and EXPERT EXECUTION for your big day

Welcome to Dream Wedding World - the South Florida Wedding Professionals specializing in traditional Indian Weddings and Fusion Weddings.

From traditional Indian Weddings to modern fusion weddings we are your partners with the extensive experience, cultural knowledge and vendor connections to create your event striking.

Conventional. Significantly Elegant. Lavish Luxury. Fantasy Fusion

At Dream Wedding World - we understand that the wedding is certainly one of the biggest milestone moments of your whole life. It's your special day where all of the attention is focused on you and you need to give your guests a striking event that they will remember for years to come.

You want your wedding to reflect your personal taste and style and become a favorable reflection upon you. We view our role as bringing that vision to life for you with impeccable perfection. We pride ourselves on taking the stress of planning away of you so you can curl up and genuinely love the encounter.

We need you to love your special day with the peace of mind that every detail is taken care of. Our aim is not to "take over" but to work closely with you to bring your unique vision to life. We're here to fully execute your vision and supply you with fashionable design and highly organized planning.

Your Big Day is just a Complex Affair

South Florida Indian Weddings are often multifunction events that will involve hundreds of guests. Putting together a dramatic Fusion or Indian Wedding is just a task that can be overwhelming. There is much to order and keep track of including complex logistics involving a range of vendors. Organizing an occasion like this can seem like a full time occupation with so many details to manage. Many couples and their loved ones can find themselves hopelessly overwhelmed by the daunting tasking of coordinating such an event and being able to pull it away within their budget.

Indian Bridal Miami, fl

We understand the alternatives and options available to you for the wedding can be overwhelming. You have the idealized vision of what you visualize your special day will be and we have the expertise, guidance and resources to turn that vision in to reality for you.

At Dream Wedding World all of us combines authentic passion for what we do with decades of experience to exceed your expectations while at once saving you time and money.
Dream Wedding World offers top degrees of Creative & Personalized Service, Spectacular Places and the very best sellers in the South Florida area.

We offer the inventiveness and cutting edge suggestions to make your event memorable. We bring all of the elements together beautifully - place, floral, materials, lighting, along with other props are blended to make your dream a reality.

We can work with a variety of styles and budgets and our talented designers have access to the forte props and decor that allow us to provide a virtually endless variety of visually beautiful possibilities.
Our expertise ranges from every thing from the decor for the Sangeet or Mendhi party to the Mandap design to the specialized food variety to finding just the right artists & entertainers.

We've got the experience to create your event around your unique traditions. We facilitate the bonding of both families together in a way that is traditional yet one-of-a-kind and memorable. Be it Hindu, Punjabi, Bengali or other - we combine your unique style, taste and family traditions.

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